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Stone Floors - Stone Flooring in Malvern, Worcester, Gloucester & Hereford - Travertine, Slate, Marble and Granite Floors

Natural stone is a geological wonder. The richness in the variety of colours and the markings are a sight to behold. No one stone is the same, when you buy stone for your home you are buying a piece of history. The Romans loved their marble and mosaics, the Tudors loved their terracotta and the Victorians loved their slate and stone.

One of most unusual qualities of natural stone is its flexibility in uses, from floors to patio’s, driveways to hallways, courtyards to bathrooms, the list is endless. The most difficult decision is which to choose. Charringtons advise, supply and install only the best quality stone, Travertine, Seashell Limestone, Slate, and Marble are among the vast range we have to offer.

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Cotswold Limestone Go Cappuccino Travertine Antique Travertine Limestone with Slate Inset
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